The benefits of storing a vessel out of water are easy to grasp a cleaner, faster and more fuel efficient hull, with increased resale value but with all the types and options available, selecting a boat lift can be challenging. Golden Boat Lifts provides simple tips to help first-time buyers and old pros alike choose the perfect lift.

The first thing to consider is the location. Will it be permanently mounted on a concrete seawall, floating dock, or steel or wooden pier with piles? Or, will it need to be removed when the water freezes? These, along with tide or river flowage, will determine the optimal style of lift. Local knowledge is priceless and a qualified installer will have insight into which variety will work best for the specific project.

Four and eight-post shafted beam boat lifts are the most common style and quite adaptable. The main selling features of this style are its robust simplicity and ability to hoist almost any size vessel. Even if piles aren’t present in the location, they can typically be installed, but permits may be required. This style of lift will accommodate a wide range of boat sizes and weights, even up to large 250,000 lb. motor yachts.