Move A 15,000 Lb. Trailer By Remote Control


Moving a trailer with serious weight requires raw power. But the larger the tow vehicle, often the less maneuverable the rig becomes. With Parkit360’s Transformer 15K Trailer Dolly, one person can move a 15,000 lb. fifth wheel, tag-a-long, gooseneck or traditional trailer with absolute ease by simply walking and steering with its wireless remote control.

The Transformer 15K’s muscle comes from two powerful 1.5 hp Bosch electric motors with planetary gearing. The trailer dolly runs off a user-supplied 12V deep cell battery; a charger is built in. Traction to climb a 6% grade of grass, gravel or pavement comes from 6.5″ wide track tires.

15,000 lbs. can gain momentum, so the Transformer 15K has a Smart Brake Controller for safe handling. Connected to the trailer’s wire harness, it automatically controls electric and surge brakes.


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