VARADERO, Matanzas


Varadero, is the most beautiful of Cuban beaches and one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean. Its total area is 14.4 square kilometers, with an approximate length of 13 miles of beach and an average width of sand strip of 24 yards.

The transparency of its waters, the blue tones of the sea, its white and fine sands, its warm climate, its vegetation and natural landscapes, make it an unforgettable seaside resort.

It is located just 140 km from the City of Havana, 2 hours from Bay of Pigs (Zapata Peninsula), the largest wetland in the Caribbean and very close to Cárdenas and Matanzas cities. Matanzas province is the second largest in terms of length, its relief is rather rugged with hills that create a mountainous landscape of surpassing beauty. The natural charms attract the traveler, as it has the largest corridor of migratory birds, in addition to a wide endemic flora and fauna.

The average annual temperature of Matanzas is 24°C, so the «City of Bridges» enjoys an excellent climate all year round. This is a city full of history, heritage and cultural values where the foreign visitor finds unique novelties in the destination.


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