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Interview with Dr. Martin Arostegui


Interview with Pedro Díaz on TV Marti, International broadcasting

Entrevista en MegaTV en el programa de Hilda Rabilero:

Entrevista a Pedro Diaz como capitán:

Martin Arostegui Interview

Tiger Beach

Marlin Fishing

Big Bear Lake California

Entrevista al Dr. Martín Aróstegui

Giant Trahiras of the Kabalebo River

El Dorado

Rio Ebro Adventure

Elephants of Chiawa Camp

Diving with Great White Sharks

Everglades Shark Fishing

Ofshore Fishing II

Ofshire Fishing I

Galapagos II

Our Great Stream

Galapagos I

Rainforest Costa Rica

Tailand Adventure II

Thailand Adventure I

Alaska II

The Giant Peacocks


Petting Wild Blue Sharks

Alaska I