Dr. Martin Aróstegui

Dr. Martin (Marty) Arostegui was born in Cuba in 1946 and has been fishing since the age of three. As a young boy, Marty and his childhood friends would frequently fish and spearfish off Havana’s famed Malecon, much to the worry of his parents. In 1960 Arostegui’s life changed forever when his family immigrated to the United State following the Cuban the Revolution. Settling in Miami, Marty instantly fell in love with the world-class fishing opportunities available in South Florida.

The great grandson of famed Cuban doctor Carlos Finlay, Marty chose to follow in his grandfather’s  footsteps when he enrolled in the University of Miami to study Medicine. After graduating with his medical degree Marty had a long and illustrious medical career, which included numerous senior positions at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Marty also served as Chief Operating Officer and a Director of InPhyNet Medical Management, a publicly traded corporation.

In 1997, Arostegui sold his share of InPhyNet and retired from medicine. He then a purchase a 35-food Cabo Express, which he aptly named Timely Sale.

In the early 1990s, Marty began fishing with famed flats guide Bill Curtis. According to Arostegui, «The first time Bill Curtis put a fly rod in my hand, my life changed forever.» Curtis urged Marty to join the venerable Miami Rod and Reel Club, which launched Marty’s competitive angling career. In just six

years, Arostegui attained the status of Gold Rod Master Angler, a feat only five other individuals accomplished in the club’s storied history. He also work a frequent competitor in the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament (MET) and is one of three people to qualify for the MET Hall of Fame.

Marty is probable best known for his passion for chasing IGFA World Records. His first two World records were tripletail caught on fly in Flamingo, Florida, in 1994. Literally hundreds more records were to follow in the years ahead. In 2004 Marty became the third person in history to attain 100 IGFA World Records. Since that time, he has achieved over 400 world records more than any other angler in the world. Arostegui approach to record seeking is highly analytical and he’s spent countless hours researching species, locations and techniques to achieve his incredible body of world records. Marty share his passion for record hunting with his family and his son Martini and wife Roberta each have over 100 world records to their credit. Of all Marty’s angling exploits, becoming the first person in history to accomplish the coveted IGFA Billfish Royal Slam using fly tackle is perhaps his crowning angling achievement.

In addition to being a skilled angler, Martin is an ardent conservationist having witnessed firsthand the decline of the fisheries around his home in south Florida. His desire to conserve game fish and his considerable angling accomplishments le to Marty’s appointment to the IGFA Board of Trustees in 2012. He has been a strong proponent for the use of circle hooks and has authored numerous articles in English and Spanish on how they can be used to the benefit of anglers and fish alike. A frequent lecturer, he not only shares his extensive fishing knowledge with others, but also extolls the importance of the conservation and the natural history of some of his favorite fishing locations.

For his extraordinary angling achievements and untiring efforts to promote fisheries conservation, the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame welcomes Dr. Marty Arostegui.