Far offshore and distant from any other vessel, Ocean Master owners safely and confidently ply deep waters. This self-assurance is due in part to the inherent stability designed into each and every boat the company builds. Several factors come into play when considering seaworthiness. First and foremost is the hull shape itself. Ocean Masters are designed with a flaring vee form that softens aft for faster planning even with a single engine. The company purposefully does not sacrifice stability in pursuit of top-end speed by adding steps. Instead, it relies on a time-tested form that performs in grueling, real-world conditions. The hull is also formed to reduce spray. Combined with high gunnels and transoms, boaters remain dry when water gets rough. Ocean Master boats are overbuilt. Massive, full-height stringers are glassed into the laminate up to 20 layers in the larger models and the inner liner deck is permanently fused to the stringers and hull sides. www.oceanmasterboats.com