The average US boat owner spends fewer than 12 days per year enjoying time on his or her vessel, but pays expenses for all 365. Maintenance, dockage, fuel and storage add up quickly.

Thousands have discovered a safe and seamless way to offset the costs of boat ownership:, the online community where they can safely share their vessels with others. It creates not only an income opportunity, but also a way to enhance the overall ownership experience.

Akin to AirBnb and Uber, boat sharing created a marketplace for both owners and boaters. While relatively new, it’s taking the boating world by storm and quickly gaining traction among those whose vessels often sit for months unused.

Before Boatsetter, if someone without a boat wanted to get out on the water, they turned to a commercial charter company. It was a lucrative time for these businesses, even those with less than pristine fleets. Now, private owners have a safe and easy way to earn income by sharing their well-cared-for vessels with renters seeking a better rental experience. It creates a win-win for both groups.