Boaters call upon dock and anchor lines to hold and protect expensive investments. Innovative and affordable Secure Removable Chafe Guards from Davis Instruments shield these important links from excessive wear and friction.

Whether for the anchor or tied to a dock, lines can wear through quickly where they rub against the anchor roller, cleats or cap rails, or especially where two lines cross. Wrapping the line at these areas of friction with Secure Removable Chafe Guards eliminates the potential problem. This protects the lines and the boat.

With outside covers of tough, UV-stabilized nylon webbing and insides of 100% Velcro®-brand hook fasteners, Davis Chafe Guards stay in place without need for additional strings or ties. Recently upgraded, these super line-savers now fit braided or twisted line from 3/8″ to 1″ in diameter.

Boaters can easily reposition the Chafe Guards, or remove and stow them for use at the next mooring or anchorage.