Boat lifts are perhaps the ultimate accessory. Out of the water, the hull stays cleaner, which in turn boosts speed and mileage not to mentioning saving the owner from back-breaking scrubbing. Capable of holding a massive amount of weight, they’re serious pieces of equipment that require care when using. But with a few commonsense tips from Golden Boat Lifts, operating one is as safe as parking a car in a garage. The first step is to choose a lift that’s best suited to both the boat and location. PWC, keelboat or motor yacht? How many hulls? How heavy is the vessel fully loaded? Will additional piles be needed? Is it on a seawall? A qualified installer will take into consideration all the variables and advise as to the optimal solution. Stray current running through the water can be deadly if someone falls or jumps in. An electric boat lift should have a GFCI outlet and be wired by a licensed electrician.