Leading the way for innovative electronics, Cobra Marine, a division of Cobra Electronics, offers a complete line of revolutionary products for boaters.  For use in emergency situations or to simply make a great day on the water even more enjoyable, Cobra incorporates unique and useful features into its handheld and fixed mount VHF radios.

Its revolutionary MRHH425 handheld lets users seamlessly switch between VHF and GMRS bands with the push of a button.  The first of its kind, Cobra’s MR F300 BT is the only waterproof handset on the market featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing boaters to transmit non-emergency cell phone calls loud and clear.  This unit also employs unique, Cobra-exclusive MicroBlue™ noise-canceling technology for crystal clear communication.

Making sure boaters never miss a call, Cobra’s HH425 handheld VHF radio and F80 fixed mount radio feature exclusive Rewind-Say-Again™ technology, a digital voice recorder allowing users to replay the last 20 seconds of audio.  All fixed mount and handheld radios are equipped with noise-canceling technology, making effective communication easier.  www.cobra.com/marine