The benefits of storing boats out of the water are well-known, from reduced bottom scrubbing to less chance of sinking due to a failed bilge pump. Golden Boat Lifts engineers and manufactures rugged, long-lasting lifts adaptable to a wide range of hull shapes, vessel weights and site-specific conditions.

The company’s Four-Post Boat Lift is its most popular model and for good reason. There is hardly a boat shape it cannot be configured to lift, from inboard, outboard and sterndrive powerboats, to sailboats and PWC. It can be constructed to accommodate vessels from 4,500 to 56,000 lbs. Golden Boat Lifts offers Eight-Post Boat Lifts with up to 240,000 lb. capacity. Heavy-duty adjustable guide post bumpers gently lead the boat into place. Carpeted wood or optional aluminum I-beam or extruded bunks provide maximum hull support. When ready, the boater raises the vessel out of the water with the touch of a button.