More and more, marinas are approached by owners seeking slips with lifts capable of handling larger and heavier boats. Miami Beach Marina recently added to its many smaller Golden Boat Lift-equipped berths with four, custom-built Four-Post Lifts, each with an impressive 40,000 lb. capacity.

Typically, a lift designed for this weight would require eight posts. Golden Boat Lifts redesigned the aluminum top beam to sit on four concrete piles and securely carry the load. Not only did it make a less expensive installation for Miami Beach Marina, but the increased aesthetic appeal adds to the slips’ salability.

The marina offers dockage from overnight to annual. Because of this, the lifts needed to be adaptable to a wide range of hull and engine configurations. The custom Four-Post Lifts will adjust to even support twin engine inboard diesels. Golden Boat Lifts are renowned for their flexibility in accommodating multiple outboard monohulls, powercats and even sailboats.