New Rum Adds Twist to Hot Spirits Market, Funds Ocean Conservation

By John Bell

If you love the ocean, you likely drink rum.  And if you love Guy Harvey’s lifestyle -ocean, beaches, fishing, boating, diving – you’ll love his new spiced rum, too.   

Renowned marine wildlife artist, scientist and conservationist Guy Harvey unveiled today his entry into the popular spiced rum market.  Guy Harvey Spiced Rum was developed and launched together with Shaw-Ross International Importers, one of the spirits industry’s leading marketing and sales companies.  In Florida, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. has been appointed as the wholesale distributor for the brand.

guy-harvey-spiced-rum-2“Given the rich heritage of rum with sailors, boaters and fishermen, adding a quality rum product is a logical extension of my lifestyle brand” said Guy Harvey. “We are also extremely pleased with being able to partner with industry leader Shaw-Ross on this project.”    

Distilled in the Caribbean, Guy Harvey Spiced Rum is an amber colored spiced rum that contains spices and warm flavors of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.  It is 35 percent alcohol by volume (70 proof) making it very pleasant on the tongue with a long, smooth finish.  It will retail at approximately $15 per 750ml bottle.

Guy Harvey Spiced Rum is ideal for consuming on the rocks, with cola, lemon-lime soda or juices.  It will also be actively promoted in a version of a traditional rum cocktail known as the Shark Bite.  The cocktail consists of ¾ ounces Guy Harvey Spiced Rum, ¾ ounces light rum, ½ ounce blue curacao, 1½ ounces sweet and sour mix and 3 drops of grenadine. 

Initial distribution has begun in Florida.  Plans to take the product to markets outside of Florida in 2015 are currently in the works.  Additionally, a second Guy Harvey branded rum offering, an aged blended Jamaican rum, is in development and is expected to be introduced in the spring of 2015. 

A significant portion of the net proceeds from Guy Harvey Spiced Rum will be used to fund the various projects of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, a non-profit that funds scientific marine research and conservation programs.  In particular, the proceeds from Guy Harvey Spiced Rum will fund marine science and outreach programs.