By Leandro Pera 

Hi, my name is Leandro Pera, I am originally from Argentina but I have been living in Florida for 15 years. I am a professional Offshore Kayak Fisherman. This means that the type of fishing I do, is generally in deep waters from 90 to 200 feet of depth, using techniques such as vertical jigging, or free-lining live bait. The bait of choice for me is usually pilchards, goggle eyes and small blue runners.

If you are wondering, the equipment I usually take during my fishing outings are the following: Two rods that are always rigged for live bait, one rod designed for vertical jigging, and another one that I always have rigged with just a single circle hook that I can use to cast a live bait in case I see any fish busting the surface chasing bait or free jumping such as a sailfish or mahi mahi.

The fish I usually target and encounter during my offshore kayak fishing adventures are kingfish or king mackerel, wahoo or ono, blackfin tuna, cobia, amberjack, mahi mahi and sailfish, with the occasional sharks and barracudas which are not of my interest.

The distance I usually paddle from the coast is usually 2 to 3 miles but when the tuna are running thick I venture out to up to 5 miles to find these delicious fish. If the current is cooperating that day, I like to paddle back to the same spots to stay in the same depth, but when the current is strong I usually have no choice but to let the line out and drift with it for a few miles and take a cab ride back to my vehicle.

When I drift live bait I like to use 2 feet of 30 lbs test wire with 2 treble hooks rigged as a stinger. This gives it a very minimalistic presentation for those fish that are very wary with what they eat, but still strong enough to take on toothy critters such as kingfish and wahoo. For the jigging rig I use 50 lbs braided line with a 6000 rated spinning reel and 80 lbs fluorocarbon leader. My pitching rod is a 5000 rated spinning reel with 30 lbs braided line and rigged with 80 lbs fluorocarbon leader and a 3/0 circle hook. 

Last but not least, I have a passion for making videos of my fishing adventures and I invite you to check out my Youtube channel , simply search “Kayak Fishing Zone” and you will see exactly what I do out there and my personal style. Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe! Tight lines!