Modern yachts and sportfish boats are fitted-out for long, comfortable passages and designed for adaptability when visiting distant harbors. FCI Watermakers builds the ultimate watermaking system to match the innovation that’s aboard these advanced, new vessels. Its Max-Q+ APC line makes from 700 to 1,850 gallons of pure, fresh water a day from the sea. And with an integrated Dockside Treatment System (DTS), it will make that same amount of sparkling-clean water from often questionable dock water sources.

With the Max-Q+ APC (Automatic Pressure Control), watermaking is a set-and-forget process. Easily programmed using the intuitive, touch screen display, its advanced V-4 control takes care of everything. It will start up, make water, run diagnostics, shut down, complete a freshwater flush and come back online, all without anyone being present. And because it uses reverse osmosis to desalinize, the water tastes like it came out of a bottle.

The framed Max-Q+ APC is self-contained within a powder-coated housing, with ample room for inspections and routine maintenance. For cramped engine compartments, the modular version fits compactly on bulkheads and around other equipment. They carry ABS, CE, GL Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas registrations.

Marinas in the US typically provide potable dock water, but it’s sometimes poor-tasting and has objectionable odors. In foreign ports, it can even be loaded with bacteria and viruses—and they charge for it.