Lake Murray is just west of Columbia, South Carolina. It offers the communities that dot its 500 miles of scenic shoreline a boating and fishing paradise. One of these, Cherokee Shores Home Owners Association, needed to replace its deteriorating floating dock. Its residents chose Rough Water Docks to install a permanent pier and 4-post lifts from industry leader Golden Boat Lifts.

Rough Water Docks installed a mix of 7,500 and 10,000 lb. capacity 4-Post lifts. With piles that are barely 12″ above the dock’s platform, the lifts’ low profile are perfect for the idyllic setting.

Cherokee Shores didn’t have lifts before the renovation. As they put their boats in this spring, they’ll soon realize what Golden Boat Lift owners the world over know: storing a vessel out of the water keeps it clean and fast, and increases its resale value.

The 4-Post lift is Golden Boat Lifts’ biggest seller. Warranties for 15 years, it’s manufactured in the USA of rugged, fully welded 6061 T6 marine-grade aluminum and the highest quality stainless steel. The company’s durable Sea-Drive® provides the muscle. It’s backed by a 10-year warranty, but in over 18,000 manufactured, not one has ever failed.