Midnight Express’ new 43′ Open Powerboat rides the water with an advanced look that distinguishes it from all others. It’s designed for those who like to push the limits, yet maintain a feeling of comfort and confidence. This makes it the perfect fit for a custom Series 60 Marine Sunroof from Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc.

The Webasto Series 60 offers multiple customization options. When flush mounted, as seen on the Midnight Express 43′ Open, it integrates for a seamless finish. The Series 60 can also be top mounted, matching most hatch designs for an incorporated look. Its rear rails sit completely to the side of the roof. With either installation style, the Webasto Series 60 provides a large opening and fully watertight solution to meet the needs of more light and ventilation on board. www.webasto-marine.com