Boaters will find a myriad of uses for Davis Instruments’ MiniShockles. From securing light objects to safely strapping down cargo for an extended journey, these innovative devices make life on the water easier and more carefree.

Common bungee cords gradually lose strength and break unexpectedly. Their hooks rust and often scratch. Next-generation MiniShockles are safer, stronger and more secure.

Made from durable, black nylon webbing sewn over a marine-grade elastomer, MiniShockles are built to perform. Known as a bungee cord on steroids, the outer sleeve provides the strength needed to absorb heavy jolts and the elasticity holds valuable gear securely in place.

On each end of the MiniShockle is a 316 stainless steel wire gate snap with a safe working load of up to 300 lbs.—10 times the capacity of a standard bungee cord. Easily opened with one hand, soft, rounded edges protect fingers and valuable finishes.