Out of the water, even the lightest dinghy can be awkward to move. Some owners use anything they can find, from reluctant bystanders to dock carts. Others simply resort to dragging on it the ground by its painter. Whichever method, there’s always a risk to the vessel and everyone around it—especially on a windy day. Davis Instruments solves this problem with its Wheel-a-Weigh™ launching wheels. This ingenious set of portable, removable wheels enable one person to maneuver a small boat with ease.

Wheel-a-Weigh comes in two sizes and both are simple to install using common tools. Included 316 stainless steel pivot brackets are permanently mounted on the solid transom of a wood, fiberglass, aluminum or inflatable boat. They’re positioned to the maximum width to accommodate an outboard and for greater stability. www.davisnet.com