For decades, boat owners have struggled to keep their boat clean and in top shape due to corrosive marine environments. Boat lifts have provided a solution, but not without hassles for the owner. ShoreStation, from Midwest Industries, solves this with its FlexPower® hydraulic boat lifts.

Many traditional boat house and piling mounted lifts use cables wound around poles or drums to lift the boat. Wound cable rubs against itself causing fraying and diminishing cable life. Traditional lifts are also very slow and require costly maintenance.

Instead of this outdated system, ShoreStation’s hydraulic lift system utilizes DC power and hydraulic cylinders to pull the cables, providing the fastest lift speeds on the market while minimizing cable wear. This no-maintenance cable system can’t overwind or unspool like traditional lifts either. The stainless steel cables come with an industry-leading 15-year warranty. ShoreStationFlexPower hydraulic lifts are available for both boat house and pile mount applications.

Contact ShoreStation, a division of Midwest Industries, 122 E State Hwy 175, Ida Grove, IA 51445. 800-859-3028; Fax: 712-364-3361.