Author of text and photos: Jacob Scuba,

pro underwater photographer, owner of Cabo Shark Dive

Cabo Shark Dive is the only company in Los Cabos that offers swimming, free diving, and safe interactions with sharks and other wild pelagic animals. Up close and personal encounters, outside the common dive spots and touristic locations

Cabo Shark Dive born from the love for the ocean and sharks.

This  is a project designed and developed by Jacopo Brunetti, aka Jacob Scuba, marine biologist, PADI scuba instructor, professional underwater photographer, sharks behavioral expert and professional shark dive guide.

 For 12 years he dove and worked with shark and large marine animals in 6 different countries.

In Baja there is a big amount of sharks and pelagic fishes. The ocean is  rich with a huge biodiversity due to a particular conformation of the ocean: the presence of several Banks and submerged vulcans creates the ideal environment for the aggregation of sharks and pelagic fauna.  

 Here the pacific ocean mix the cold water with the Sea of Cortez, warm water and very deep. Here you can dive and free dive with whale sharks, bull sharks sharks, hammerheads, silky sharks, blue shark, makos, marlin, big tunas, school of Mahi Mahi, wahoos, mantas and more! 

Jacopo was impressed by the huge pelagic life of the area and he decide to share this wonder of nature with all the people. Now is the first in Cabo that started to bring people to see this kind of animals instead of fish them.

Cabo Shark Dive has a strong ecological objective: protect the local species of sharks and pelagic predators by promote  the best safe, close and personal  underwater interactions and encounters.

This is the best way to  raise awareness on the issue of conservation of marine environments and encouraging  many people as possible to love sharks and shark sighting activities, to make species be worth more alive than dead.

With Cabo Shark Dive you can experience the emotion and adrenaline to dive and swim safely with the local sharks species and pelagic wildlife in the seamounts of Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez; snorkeling, free diving with the whale shark, the largest fish in the world, in the bay of La Paz or swim with the sea lions and snorkel in the beautiful clear waters of the sea of cortes, that Jacques Costeau once described as the «aquarium of the world».

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