Recognizing that a first-class vessel requires a compelling design, the highest-quality materials and a dynamic propulsion system, Austrian boatbuilder Frauscher Bootswerft GmbH has chosen Torqeedo to power its line of luxury electric boats and yachts. The high-power Deep Blue inboard motor was selected for the brand new Frauscher 740 Mirage Air that debuted in July 2015, and is also available with Frauscher’s 650 Alassio, 680 Lido, 740 Mirage and 750 St. Tropez. Frauscher, which has cooperated closely with Torqeedo in the field of drive and battery technology since 2005, was impressed with the package put together by Torqeedo. Unlike a boat with a diesel or gas motor, a vessel with a Deep Blue drive is emission free and can be used on environmentally sensitive waters.