Capt. Nestor Alvisa
Hooked on Flamingo Charter

As we get into the heart of our winter time fishing here in South Florida my trips are solely focused in Flamingo during this time.
Depending on what my anglers want to catch and depending on what Mother Nature offers us that day is how I’ll typically go about my day on the water.
One great option during this time of the year is fishing around Schooner Bank for Spanish mackerel. It’s something that keeps the rods consistently bent and is great for any skill level angler. Once you get to Schooner Bank, drop your anchor and a chum bag in the water. Then let the current carry your chum for a bit and let the chum bring in the fish. A bucktail jig tipped with shrimp or a silver spoon will do the trick.
Another option is fishing the crab buoys for tripletail along cape sable. You just have to simply run from buoy to buoy at a speed and distance you feel comfortable you can see the fish and not spoke them as you drive by. Once you’ve located the tripletail and free lined shrimp will not be turned down!
Lastly the most common thing to do during this time is fish deeper creeks and channels for snook, redfish, black drum and sheepshead. As the water temperature drop during these months these fish run to these deeper creeks and channels looking for warmer water temperatures. Working a shrimp on a jig head on the bottom works best.