In an increasingly connected world, so grows the demand for reliable and safe shore power. Hubbell Marine offers 50 amp cable sets with bright LEDs molded into the female end. They indicate Power On and Incorrect Wiring to help protect users from potentially dangerous dockside electrical situations.

Hubbell Marine 50 amp cable sets are made in the USA and UL-listed for superior quality. The high-intensity LEDs are visible even in direct sunlight, with green confirming electricity is flowing and red warning of incorrect wiring at the power source.

Built for dependable conductivity and long life, Hubbell 50 amp cable sets use exclusive crimp terminations for tight connections and reliable power delivery. An internal bull ring protects the terminals from stress caused by boat movement or other accidental tension on the cable.

Hubbell’s ergonomic, fully-molded design ensures superior waterproofing and durability, while a special flex feature controls the angle of cord entry and helps keep the cable set out of the water. The sure-grip, threaded sealing ring further assures watertight connections.