Chris Lohmann, owner of Lohmann Sails & Covers Ltd., knows first-hand the durability and superior color retention of WeatherMAX fabric. After 10 years, a 65′ trawler motor yacht cover he crafted is still as strong as the day he made it and the color hasn’t faded.

Prior to WeatherMAX, Lohmann had used the best materials he could obtain, but would end up repeatedly replacing covers due to shrinkage, leakage or mold growth. It was a costly endeavor for someone who stands by his product.

Lohmann is exclusively using WeatherMAX now. «I’m 100% confident that my covers will last at least twice as long as any made from other fabrics,» he said.

UV-resistant WeatherMAX is manufactured from 100% pigment solution-dyed SaturaMax, and is finished with breathable HydroMax for water, dirt and mildew resistance. In testing, it routinely out-performs acrylic and polyester for strength, color fastness and abrasion-resistance.

British Columbia, Canada-based Lohmann Sails & Covers Ltd. specializes in custom-made, total winter covers for sailboats and powerboats from 30’–120′. Its website is